Using Loxi as a Standalone Calendar

One of Loxi's core features is the ability to embed your calendar on any website using a little snippet. But that doesn't mean that you have to use Loxi on a website. In fact, Loxi works great as a standalone calendar where you can send people to view your events.

Notice the photo and description above the calendar? Those are optional bits you can add in the Calendar Settings.


  • Display Avatar: This displays the image in your profile settings.
  • Display Brand Logo: Displays a custom image. If both this and the avatar are enabled, then the brand logo will be used.
  • Brand Logo: The file used for the brand logo when the Display Brand Logo option is enabled.
  • Display Introduction Text: This enables a description to be added above the calendar, under the avatar or brand image.
  • Introduction: The content you want to display above the calendar when the Display Introduction Text option is enabled.

Sharing your calendar

Every Loxi calendar has a web address. You can find it in your browser's URL bar, or log into Loxi and navigate to your calendar to copy a shareable link.