Why do only two years of repeated events display when the "Never Ends" repeat option is selected?

There is an option to create a repeat event that never ends. This allows you to create one event and have it re-create itself until the end of time. It's a convenient way to create events, especially if many of your events use the same content but occur on different dates.

How this works

Loxi will create up to the first two years worth of instances for an event that never stops repeating. 

We do this to keep your calendar (and, by extension, everyone else's) speedy and prevent it from crashing. Putting a limit on the number of events that can be created at once ensure that the calendar loads without the additional burden of constantly running a never-ending process.

The good news is that we'll create those additional events automatically for you. To achieve this, we re-run the repeating event creation process every day and create more events as needed. 

So just sit back and enjoy the day, you have nothing more to do. We've got you covered. 

Pro tip: At any point, you can always change your mind and update the event to stop repeating after a specific number of instances or on a specific date and Loxi will adjust accordingly.