Adding RSVP to an event

RSVP is a feature that allows visitors to indicate if they are attending an event. If enabled, a "RSVP" button is displayed next to the price of the event on the event page.

How to enable RSVP

  • Open the RSVP tab in the event editor. Turn on the option to enable RSVP.
  • Select the date and time to start. This tells Loxi when the RSVP form should be displayed on the event page. You can select a date in the future if you prefer to display the RSVP form to visitors at a different date and time from when the event is published.

Viewing RSVP responses

Once the RSVP form is enabled and displayed on the event page, visitors are able to submit their responses. You can get a quick view of how many people are attending by visiting the event and opening the RSVP tab in the event editor.

Next to that is a link to view a list of the attendees who have replied. You can also access this report anytime by clicking the RSVP link in the main menu. The list provides the name and email address for each person who has replied to the RSVP.

Disabling RSVP

You can disable RSVP on any event where it is enabled by switching it off in the RSVP tab in the event editor. Note that disabling RSVP removes the RSVP form from the event and deletes any existing responses. In other words, disabling RSVP cannot be undone.

RSVP and recurring events

Note that RSVP cannot be used on an event that is part of a recurring series of events. To enable RSVP on a recurring event, break the event out of the series — for example, by changing the event date and time — then choose the option to enable RSVP for that specific event.