Organizers: Create, Edit and Use

Organizers are people associated with events on your Loxi calendar.

Let's say, for example, there is a person that guests should contact if they have questions about the event. 

Creating an organizer and attaching that person to an event will display that person and their contact details on the event.

Each time you create a new organizer, it is saved and available in the Organizers screen of your calendar account. 

Click the Organizers menu item in the admin toolbar to view the screen. It is available from any screen as long as you are logged into your account.

1. Creating a New Organizer

Add a new organizer by clicking the Add New link on the Organizers screen.

This will take you to a screen that allows you to add the Organizer details.

  • First and Last Name: Provide the full name of the person. You can leave this field blank if you are creating an Organization instead of an Organizer.
  • Organization: Is this person part of a company, group or some other organization? Add that name here. You can leave this field blank if the First and Last Name field is filled but is required if no First and Last Name is provided.
  • Title / Role: Provide an optional title for the Organizer (e.g. Founder & CEO)
  • Email: Provide an email address where the person can be reached, if available. Loxi will obfuscate the address to prevent spam. Format: [email protected]
  • Website: Provide a link to the organizer's website, if available. Format:
  • Phone: Provide a phone number where the person can be reached, if available. Format: +1 (555) 123-4567, where country code is optional.
  • Organizer Bio: Provide a brief optional description of the person.
  • Add an Image: Upload a photo file of the person by clocking the field or dragging and dropping the image directly onto the field. Square format is recommended. JPG, PNG, GIF files only.
  • Set as Default Organizer: Select this option if you would like Loxi to automatically add this person to new events. Selecting this option will replace your existing default organizer, if you have already set one.

Click the Save Organizer Details button to save and create the organizer. It is now available for use on new events. 

Pro tip: As an alternative, you can also create new organizers while creating or editing an event to your calendar.

Any organizer created here will be saved and available on the Saved Organizer screen. See the Creating Events tutorial for a complete overview on publishing and editing events.

2. Edit a Saved Organizer

Need to make a change an organizer's details? Manage them on the Organizers screen. 

Click the Organizers menu item in the admin toolbar, then click the organizer name to enter the editing screen. The same fields used for creating the organizer will be available to edit on this screen.

Pro tip: Editing an organizer updates the information on all events that are associated with the organizer. Similarly, deleting an organizer removes the organizer from all events the organizer was added to.

Caution: Deleting an organizer will permanently remove it from your Saved Organizers list and from any event associated with the organizer. This cannot be undone. See the Deleting a Saved Organizer tutorial for more information.

3. Add Organizers to Events

Any saved organizer can be added to an event.

  • Click on the Organizers tab of the Event Settings screen
  • Select the desired organizer from the dropdown list of options 
  • Click on the Organizer tab to return to the Event Settings screen

The organizer is now added to the event.

4. Use a Custom Label

Loxi lets you replace the word "organizer" with a custom word of your choice. 

To change "Organizers" to a custom label:

  • Click the Organizers menu item in the admin toolbar
  • Click Use custom label at the top of the screen
  • Provide the Singular andPlural versions of the custom label
  • Hit the Save Custom Label button