Deleting a Saved Venue

Any saved venue you have created can also be deleted from your account. This allows you to manage your list of saved venues but also to delete a venue from multiple events at once.

Loxi will ask you to confirm the deletion before it happens. We'll also tell you how many events are associated with the venue so you are aware of which events are impacted by the change. 

To delete a venue:

  • Click the Venues menu item in the admin toolbar
  • Hover your cursor over the Venue name and click the X (delete) icon
  • Confirm the deletion by selecting Yes, delete this venue radio button
  • Hit the Delete Venue button

Caution: Deleting a venue will remove the venue and its information from any event associated with it.

Pro tip: Similarly, you can edit the venue's details and the updated information will be reflected in any associated events. That can be a time-saving way to update information on multiple events at the same time.