Setting a Default Organizer

Setting a default organizer is a nice little way to save some time when creating events. 

By setting a default, Loxi will automatically assign that organizer to new events without you having to do a thing. This is great if you regularly use an organizer for most of your events.

You can set a default organizer in one of two ways:

1. Publish a new organizer

While creating a new organizer, select the option by checking the box shown below and hit the Save Organizer Details button to make it your default.

2. Edit a saved organizer

You can also set a default organizer by editing an existing one:

  1. Navigate to the Organizers screen in the admin toolbar
  2. Click the organizer name to enter the editing screen
  3. Enable the Set as Default Organizer option
  4. Click the Save Organizer Details button

Caution: there can only be one default organizer at a time. Setting one organizer as the default will automatically disable it for any other organizer. 

Pro tip:  Your default organizer will be indicated with a ⭐️ star next to its name on the Organizers screen.