Embedding Your Calendar in Drupal

Add your Loxi calendar to any Drupal site in a few quick steps. Please see our full tutorial on embedding calendars for a deeper dive on how to customize the calendar widget.

1. Log in to your Drupal website

You probably already knew this one but, hey, it’s worth mentioning.

Pro tip:  Make sure the user you are using to log in with has the  Use the Full HTML text format permission (under the Filter section).

Caution: This permission has security implications. Make sure you grant such a permission with care. In doubt, read the documentation carefully.

2. Navigate to Manage > Content > Add Content

Drupal allows you to either create a new page/article or edit an existing one. 
Choose whether you want to embed your Loxi calendar on a new page or make a new one altogether. Either way works!

3. Embedding the code

  1. Add a title
  2. Select the Full HTML option for the Text format drop-down menu at the bottom of Drupal's editor
  3. Click on the Source button in the editor's toolbar
  4. Take the code snippet you copied from Loxi's Embed / Export screen and paste it into Drupal's text editor
  5. Hit the Save button

4. Stand back and admire your work

Once you’ve clicked the  Save button and saved your page/article, visit the page and your Loxi calendar will be on the screen. High fives all around!

If you bump into any issues, check out the Troubleshooting Embeds section of our Embedding Calendars tutorial for a few tips.