Customizing Your Calendar’s Appearance

Loxi allows you to choose a default calendar view and a primary color for your calendar and events when you first sign up for an account.

But what if you want to change those options later? You can update your settings at any time on the Calendar Settings screen.If you are looking to customize the appearance of the calendar on your website, please check out the instructions for Embedding Calendars.

Date Format

This setting controls the date format for events on your calendar.

Whether you favorite date format is M D Y (September 12, 2017) or D M Y (12 September, 2017), we have you covered.

Simply click on the drop-down menu and select the date format of your choice. Once selected, this format will be applied to all events on your calendar.

Time Format

This setting controls the time format for events on your calendar.

The two basic options are 12 hours-based (e.g.: 2:30 PM) and 24 hours-based (e.g.: 17:25)


The Appearance section is where you can change your calendar’s default view and primary color.

Default View

Click on an option to change the view. This is the default view people will see when visiting your calendar. Users will still have the option to toggle between views when viewing the embedded calendar on your website.

Font Family

Choose one of our hand-picked Google Fonts. Keep in mind that you can always choose from the complete set of Google fonts when you embed your calendar.


Choose between the classic white background theme and our pretty cool dark theme.

Color Theme

This setting changes the primary color of your calendar.

We’ve set you up with a few options we think look good right out of the box, but you can click the last option to choose a custom color using the provided color picker or by specifying a Hex color in the provided field.

Standalone Calendar options

Custom branding

Loxi can display an image and text above the calendar, giving you more control over the way visitors view your calendar.

Select your perfect combination between the following options:

  • Avatar or Brand Logo: you can only pick one. Choose carefully!
  • Introduction Text: perfect to give your standalone calendar a bit of context :-) 

Placeholder image

This is super useful for the list view when not all of your events have featured images. This placeholder image will display for such events.

List View

This view, contrary to the month view is not month-based. It focuses on upcoming events for your calendar's visitors.

Show Featured Image in List View

This setting is ideal for an uncluttered display of the list view. As the name suggests, this will simply remove the featured image thumbnail from that view.

Number of events to show per page

This setting regulates how many upcoming events will be shown on each page while your calendar is displaying in the List View

Event View

Disable the following option to hide the Facebook and Twitter sharing options on event pages.

Venues & Location

These settings let you control how much venue and location information is shown in your calendar’s month and list views.

We recommend experimenting with these settings to find the ideal look and feel for your calendar.

You can click on any of the green toggle buttons to control the information displayed for your events.

Enabling both options is ideal for calendars with events that take place at a variety of venues. If all your events take place at the same venue and address, then you might consider disabling these options to avoid redundant information.

Calendar Search Options

With Loxi’s built-in filters, your site visitors can easily search for events on your calendar with just a few clicks. This is useful for calendars that contain a large number of events.

These options allow you to show or hide specific filters from the calendar. Click on any of the green toggle buttons to turn options on and off.

Saving Your Settings

Make sure you hit Save Changes when you are done. This will ensure that your settings are saved and updated on your calendar display.